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Del Pelson out of Boca Raton, FL

A little bit pop, a little bit indie/alternative rock, Del Pelson’s catchy style can’t be pigeon-holed. The band’s sound is somehow both laid back and energetic, thanks to the diverse personalities and styles of its four members.  

Front man Cal Nelson is a rare songwriting talent with innate creativity and a unique way of seeing and hearing the world; Garrett Kealer’s drumming ranges with incredible subtleness to virtuosic grooves; Nathaniel Spiner brings melodic yet driving bass lines to the frontline, and Patrick Montanari acts as the band’s secret weapon with impressive saxophone skills, foundational keyboard layers, and slick guitar leads.

Together, Del Pelson breaks age and gender barriers with its catchy indie-pop melodies and powerful alternative rock beats, exploring love, life, and irony with musical undercurrents of jazz, blues, roots, folk, reggae, and surf. With two EP’s and a slew of singles under their belt, Del Pelson is gearing up for the release of a batch of new singles followed by a full length album in 2020.

The band is well known for their live chemistry and their obvious enjoyment is infectious. Del Pelson performed in the 2016 Undertow Jam, featuring Young the Giant and Bear Hands. They have since opened for other national acts including Kurt Travis, Brent Walsh, and more. Formed in 2015, Del Pelson has since been featured in 104.3 The Shark’s Open Swim Podcast Series with Erin Lee, Miami New Times, PureHoney Magazine, Soundbite Magazine, York Calling, Mystic Sons, and more.

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