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I never intended to create this application, I did not just brainstorm and say “I should build an app for Musicians to stay organized”. I work with and hire musicians on a regular basis and there always seemed to be a common thread-Disorganization. And yes, I know this problem too well myself. Although I like to consider myself a musician, my main job is in accounting as a CPA.

In the business circles, organizational tools are everywhere. Why is there nothing for musicians? My thought is that there is no money to make in that arena. Musicians spend money on equipment and food. There is usually not enough left over and it’s too hard to pitch a product to a national touring band. That’s where the labor of love came in. I wanted musicians to have every advantage to keep themselves focused on what’s important and not lose their creative edge on their music. Going to a practice session knowing that I forgot to do something definitely had an effect on how well I perform that night.I thought as a side project, I will put an app together and it will make musicians everywhere happier and more creative by not worrying about keeping track of so many things not related to music.

Well the side project turned into a distraction, then consumed every working day (and weekend) to complete. Finally, a musician has an all-in-one app to keep track of everything and reminders to get it done.

Contacts – easy access to keep in touch with those important to you. In the earlier days this was your phone book but it’s better than that. This feature also notifies you of important dates to remember for each contact. Never miss a birthday, anniversary, first date-you will be a star for remembering this stuff! There is a ‘Likes’ section (and not the social media kind). This came to me as my wife was complaining that I don’t know what to get her at the supermarket. Again, always thinking of music stands in the way of so much that I should be remembering. Now, I open the app at the supermarket and she will get some Baskin Robbins ice cream, complements of her thoughtful husband-and Gigtrack.

Just got a call from Doctor’s office, glad they called, I forgot about my appointment tomorrow. Just posted it in Gigtrack because in a few hours, I’ll probably forget it again!Let’s take a look at some of the features…

Notes – Here you can post quick or not so quick notes anywhere and add a reminder date if you forget to act on it.

Ideas – Want to keep track of Ideas, there is a section for that also. As a creative type, ideas are different than notes. I find having access to ideas keeps more ideas coming.

Write Your Song – Here we did a pretty decent job of putting together a song structure template (not a professional songwriting app but will do the job). Allows you to structure verses and chorus so that you can always be adding content. Sitting around waiting somewhere, you can start writing your song.

Equipment – Track all your equipment with photos, model #’s, serial #’s, insurance info and more. Never miss a warranty date.

EPK – Build your EPK (Electronic Press Kit) to describe your playing style and experience. Share your Gigtrack EPK with anyone quickly. You never know when having instant access to share your EPK can be important. Here you will also keep track of your

Set-List and Set-List Notes. This is better than showing off baseball cards!

Bulletin Board – This is not social media. This is a place where you can share posts with other musicians, agents, managers, promoters, etc. Here you can post notices for auditions, look for last minute fill-ins, promote, look for used equipment, and ask questions. Imagine posting an audition notice, getting a response along with EPK info before inviting to the audition. Need a last minute fill-in for tonight’s performance. The possibilities are endless!

Activities, Practice and Performance Schedules, Tasks – all in one place. Track everything here including travel, wardrobe, parking instructions, related tasks and notes. Eliminate scheduling conflicts easily with Gigtrack. Do you have recurring activities or practice schedule? Post it once! Never miss an appointment again!

Bands – This is what it is all about. Although I am very excited about this feature, it’s my hope that this will create peace and harmony between band members. That is too optimistic but I think it will help. Imagine everyone being on the same page all the time.

All band communications (controlled by band leader), notifications (also includes and confirmation button – imagine getting a notification confirmation from your band-mates, wow!) about when, where and how on everything.

Logistics, setlists, setlist notes on songs sections needing work, communications with representation.

Band includes all the features listed above and seamlessly keeps bandmates and crew connected.

Representation will have access to all public EPKs sorted by playing style, experience, location and more.

There is so much that Gigtrack has to offer a musician and it’s about time that a state-of-the-art organization tool is available for the music community.

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