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Gigtrack for Musicians introduced at 2019 Summer NAMM

Remember it once and we will help you remember it forever!

NAMM in Nashville was  a huge experience! It gave us a chance to meet and listen to the leaders in the music world – and now we know exactly what you need!  GigTrack, the ultimate mobile tool for musicians, has been beta testing ever since to develop the best music application for every area of music!

We created the app that will change your life as a musician,  band leader, producer, agent, music school director, choir instructor, church band, wedding band, local band, tribute band, young musician trying to make it in this crazy industry!

Now, we have some exciting news.

You can try GigTrack for FREE until February 15th, 2020. All we ask is: use it, share it, talk about it, and let us know what you think! Your feedback will be the key to making GigTrack the single most essential music application ever created to help you promote, get more gigs, stay organized for performances, keep track of your finances, and attract instantly what is needed for any role in the music industry!

The core goal of this app is to alleviate the stress that comes with all the behind the scenes work so that you can focus on the important things, like making your music and putting on killer performances!

Our mobile app is all about communication. GigTrack is a connector! It will easily communicate with  musical contacts- bandmates, producers, engineers, agents, managers… pretty much everyone you need to keep making music and playing  gigs. You’ll even be able to put together an EPK profile directly on the app to show other musicians what you’re all about and make some new connections!

Once the profile is created and you get your band(s) up and running, GigTrack will help you with scheduling. With our in-depth calendar, you’ll keep track  of everything:! Not kidding!!! When the gigs are, where the gigs are, rehearsals, photoshoots, warranty dates, mom’s birthday…. literally everything. 

Check out everything needed on one application! And, if details are your thing, sort it by bands, projects, day, week, month, etc. If you remember it once, we’ll help you remember it forever!

Think what GigTrack  can do to enhance your music career!

* be organized 

* gig more

* connect with others in the music world

* stay organized 

* send an EPK by the press of a button

* share music all over the world

* track finances

* review contracts

* share your creativity with other musicians

* share music

* share success

* never be late for a gig again 

no excuses on where, what, when or how much 

For access the app and to learn more, you can find ‘GigTrack for Musicians’ on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. You can also check out our website here:We will also be exhibiting at Winter NAMM 2020! Come say “Hey” at booth #1019 and we’ll take a free headshot for your GigTrack EPK!

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