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School of Rock-Boca Raton Adult Program rocks out at Funky Biscuit last Sunday.

Sunday, December 8th – SOR-Boca got to play out during this very tense time, curtsey of The Funky Biscuit, when everything entertainment related is being cancelled thanks to COVID-19. Their performance opened with Rock 102, a new SOR program performing for the first time.

Rock 102 is the School’s program for children with enough talent to perform live but too young for the Performance Program.

The SOR Adults performed their season ‘The Other Side of Rock’, a season aimed at educating the students on the more alternative side of genre. The set included songs from Coldplay, Jimmy Eat World, R.E.M., The Wallflowers, and the Beatles.

Yes we are aware the Beatles are not an alternative rock band, but they are the Beatles. The can do anything they want.

The adult program which is called ‘Adult Grad’ starts practicing a new set-list about every three months before their live performance. Led by a School of Rock Instructor, the group rehearses together once a week and it is amazing to watch them progress as they prepare for the next live performance.

“It was pretty awkward, walking into a venue for the first time as a performer. But when the venue started to fill up with an audience, it became very exciting!”

The student body of The Adult Grad Band

The show went pretty smoothly, especially for a cast of beginners, but there was one thing on stage they weren’t prepared for: wiping down and disinfecting the equipment between each song as members in the band traded off instruments and microphones.

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