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Solar Reef out of Boca Raton, FL

Solar Reef

Solar Reef is a local South Florida band that formed to bring you good times and raucous tunes. Songs like “Grind” off of their eponymous EP is an intense and fun song, full of riffs and enough speed to cause convulsions on the dance floor. Or a song like “Wrong Way” that feels like a ride through galaxies where there are no words to describe the experience other than the relentlessness of Solar Reef. Drink responsibly when going to see Solar Reef live because their single “Wine” is a great record that takes the band’s sped-up style and blends it with vocals that fit right in pocket with their playing. There isn’t much that can be found in the way of recorded music, but Solar Reef is everywhere. They take their chops to bars and venues all over South Florida. Written by

New Times BPB, LLC
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