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SXSW Falls to Corona Virus. Locals Are Fighting Back!

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Another day, another speed bump for the music industry at the hands (viral appendages?) of COIVD-19. SXSW, or South By Southwest, is an annual musical extravaganza hosted downtown in Austin, Texas. The event, which hosts upward of 400k attendees, was supposed to begin Monday, March 9th with its educational conference before the festivities and performances that would ensue from March 13th – 22nd.

Aside from the official event, the entire city seems to participate by hosting after hours or separate events dedicated to music and the arts. The result? In 2019, the event had an impact on the entire city’s economy in excess of $350 million. For sake of perspective, this is roughly what most business in the area make in a quarter, in the course of about two weeks.

Well with the cancellation of international festival, these local artists and businesses would be in the big trouble, but they aren’t going down without a fight. Check out this article from KXAN, written by Alyssa Goard, for more details.

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