Ultra Music Fest Postponed!!!

Ultra Music Festival – one of the largest gatherings of electronic music enthusiasts, DJ’s, producers, and insanely dedicated stage production teams – has been officially postponed this year due to the recent out break of COVID-19, commonly known as the “coronavirus”, according to The Miami Herald. The festival has had a controversial history over the past few years, having relocated in 2019 to Viriginia Key, has brought in over 165,000 attendees yearly; many of whom come from around the globe.

This decision is not without ramifications, though. The questions that will need to be answered next are those posed by the artists, performers, engineers, and production teams. When will the festival be rescheduled to? What if there are conflicts for the major acts who have prior obligations? What about the production companies that dedicate the majority of their resources to the festival, and don’t have other work lined up for the month?

Safety will always be the number one concern, but directly following that is the well being of the people who work tooth and nail to bring these colossal events to life.

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