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What’s Next For Your Music?

Tough Times are not a new thing to Musicians.  Just listen to almost any song about anything. Many of us are sitting home wondering when we can play again.  Now is a good time to put your words in a song. Develop a riff that expresses your emotions. As we are in a situation to listen to ourselves more, we are in a place to express our real self.

Start simple, 2 lines equal in words that rhythm. 

The car wont start

It’s falling apart – thanks Shaina Twain

I know I am giving simple information, it’s just to motivate!

When I pick up my guitar, definitely my electric, plugged in with a pedal, I put some pretty interesting lead lines together and it feels really good!  The words for a song don’t flow well for me but moving from guitar to keys to drums is really working and gets my inspired.

Our future will be shaped by what we are going through right now.  It is my wish that many new Musicians will take a lead on the future stage.

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